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Honda Accord 2004 banda


Reemplazando Banda de tiempo en un honda Accord EX 2004 3.0L v6 J30A4

sirve para años 2003-2007
TIMING BELT honda Accord EX
This engine is classified as a free-wheeling engine. Because of this free-wheeling design, if the timing belt breaks or jumps timing, there is less chance of a piston contacting an open valve. To avoid belt breakage, replace the timing belt as recommended by the vehicle manufacturer timing belt replacement interval.
1.Note and record the radio anti-theft codes and station presets prior to disconnecting the battery.
2.Disconnect and isolate the battery ground cable.
3.Rotate the crankshaft pulley clockwise until the white mark (A), Fig. 1, aligns with the pointer (B).
4.Ensure the rear camshaft sprocket mark (A), Fig. 2, aligns with the rear upper cover mark (B).
5.Loosen the front wheel lugnuts on both sides.
6.Raise and support the front of the vehicle with jackstands.
7.Remove the front tires and wheels.
8.Remove the front splash shield.
9.Remove the battery ground cable.
10.Remove the drive belts for the alternator and power steering pump.
11.Support the engine with a suitable jack and wooden block positioned under the oil pan.
12.Remove the side engine mount bracket, Fig. 3.
13Hold the crankshaft balancer pulley using Honda handle tool No. 07JAB-001020A and holder attachment tool No. 07MAB-PY3010A, or equivalents.
14.Remove the pulley bolt using a heavy duty 19 mm socket and a suitable breaker bar.
15.Remove the timing belt front upper cover, Fig. 4, rear upper and lower covers. Also note the timing belt lower guide plate orientation for proper installation.
16.Remove a battery tray hold down bolt and grind the threaded end as illustrated, Fig. 5.
17.Thread the battery clamp bolt in as illustrated, Fig. 6, to retain the timing belt adjuster in its current position. Tighten by hand only. Do not use a wrench.
18.Remove the engine mount bracket, Fig. 7.
19.Remove the idler pulley mounting bolt, then the idler pulley.
20.Remove the timing belt.
21.Clean all the belt sprockets and covers.
22.Set the crankshaft sprocket at TDC by aligning the TDC mark (A), Fig. 8, with the oil pump pointer (B).
23.Set the camshaft sprockets at TDC by aligning the TDC marks (A), Fig. 9, with the pointers (B) on the rear covers.
24.Remove the battery clamp bolt from the rear cover.
25.Remove the tensioner.
26.Compress tensioner as follows:
a.Align the holes on the rod and the housing of the tensioner.
b.Slowly compress the tensioner and insert a .08 inch pin through the housing and the rod using a hydraulic press, Fig. 10. Compression pressure should not exceed 2200 lbs.
27.After inspecting and correcting any oil leaks at the maintenance bolt, install the tensioner. Torque the bolts to 8.7 ft. lbs. Ensure the stopper tool stays in position.
28.Thread the battery clamp bolt in as illustrated, Fig. 6, to retain the timing belt adjuster in its current position. Tighten by hand only. Do not use a wrench.
29.Apply liquid thread locking compound to the idler pulley bolt threads, then loosely install the idler pulley and bolt.
30.Install the new timing belt in a counterclockwise direction, starting at the crankshaft sprocket.
31.Torque the idler pulley bolt to 33 ft. lbs.
32.Remove the battery clamp bolt from the rear cover.
33.Install the engine mount bracket. Torque the horizontal bolts to 33 ft. lbs. Torque the single vertical bolt to 108 inch lbs.
34.Install the timing belt lower, front upper and rear upper covers. Torque the bolts to 8.7 ft. lbs.
35.Install timing belt guide plate with concave surface facing out.
36.Clean the crankshaft pulley bolt and washer.
37.Clean all oil from the inside face of the crankshaft pulley, then apply lubricant to the pulley bolt and washer.
38.Install the crankshaft pulley and torque the bolt to 47 ft. lbs., then tighten an additional 60° while holding it with Honda handle 07JAB-001020A and holder attachment 07MAB-PY3010A, or equivalents. Do not use an impact wrench.
39.Rotate the crankshaft pulley clockwise approximately five or six turns to position the timing belt on the sprockets and align the white mark (A), Fig. 1, with the pointer (B).
40.Inspect the camshaft sprocket marks, which should be at TDC, Fig. 11. Remove the belt and repeat the procedure if the marks are not properly aligned.
41.Install the power steering and alternator drive belts. Refer to "Accessory Drive Belt Tension" for proper belt tension.
42.Install the side engine mount bracket. Torque the vertical bolts to 40 ft. lbs., torque the through bolt to 47 ft. lbs. and ground cable retaining bolt to 8.7 ft. lbs.
43.Lower the jack and remove the wooden block from the underside of the engine.
44.Return the battery clamp bolt to its original location.
45.Install the battery ground cable.
46.Install the front splash shield.
47.Install the front tires and wheels.
48.Remove the jackstands, then lower the vehicle.
49.Torque the lugnuts to 80 ft. lbs.
50.Connect the battery ground cable.
51.Reset the radio station presets and the clock.
52.Perform CKP pattern learn procedure using a suitable scan tool.
53.Start the engine and ensure it operates properly.


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